·   Integral Camera and IR Lamp (Types 41XX/C)
·   IR Lamp available as separate unit (Types 41XX)
·   Robust construction
·   Sealed to IP65, suitable for indoor or outdoor operation
·   Wide Angle of View (>40o)
·   950nM Covert or 850nM Semi Covert Operation options
·   12V DC power input
·   IR Lamp may be switched OFF leaving camera operational

The Peca Electronics Type 4100/C and 4110/C “Infra-Red Camlamps” consist of a CCD camera and LED Infra Red Illuminator packaged in a single housing, while the type 4100 and 4110 house the IR lamp only.

The unit is ideal for surveillance of doorways, Lift Interiors, Hospital Wards etc.  The Types 4100/C  and 4100 provide invisible 950nM illumination, and the Type 4110/C and 4110 provide semi-covert 850nM illumination.

The units are powered from 12V D.C. On the Camlamps the power to the lamp and camera is separated, so that  the lamp can be independently switched, allowing the camera to be powered continuously, while the lamp is only powered when the ambient light is low.  The Peca Type 4100/SW Opto Switch is suitable for automatically controlling the lamp with light level. The camera provides a viewing angle of some 60 degrees.

Infra-Red Lamp

Operating Voltage: 12V 1.0Amps

LED Wavelength:

    Type 4100/C & 4100 -  950nM
    Type 4110/C & 4110 -  850nM

Field of Illumination:  -  35 Degrees

Range:          4100/C 10 metres
                      4110/C 15 metres

  CCD Camera

Operating Voltage:  12V D.C. at 100mA

Camera Sensitivity:  0.2 Lux at  f/1.2
                                    500(H) x 582(V) pixels

Camera Field of View:   60 deg.


Temperature Range:     -10 to +40 deg. C

Environmental:              Sealed to IP65


        41XX/C      215L x 125W x 28H (mm.)
        41XX         150L x 125W x 28D (mm.)


        41XX/C       680gms
        41XX          400gms.