SERIES 5000 -  12INCH, 15INCH, 17INCH 
The Series 5000 Monochrome Monitors are available in two versions, Standard and
Full Facility. Tube sizes are 12, 15 ,17 and 20 inches. Special versions are also available with 12V DC input.


* Robust Construction
* High resolution
* High picture brightness
* Black Level Clamp
* Focus Modulation
* Switch Mode Power Supply
* Rack Mount Kits available up to 17"
   BRIEF SPECIFICATION (Standard Versions)

System:       625 line 50Hz or 525 line 60Hz
Geometry:   Better than 2%
Controls:     ON/OFF, Brightness/Contrast
Linearity:      Better than 1%
Inputs:         1V Composite, with Term switch
Bandwidth:   >10MHz
Environmental: 0 to 40oC ambient
Resolution:   >800 TV Lines (>1000 limiting)
Supplies:      85 to 265V AC via fused IEC

The Full Facility versions offer A and B Video inputs, Under/Overscan and Internal/External Syncs. All functions are selectable from the Front Panel.

The monitors are also available with a 12V dc input as an option.