The Peca Electronics 12V Opto-Switch is a light sensitive In-Line switching device, capable of switching loads of up to 2 Amps at 12V D.C.  The sensitivity is set to operate the switch as the ambient light level drops to 20 Lux and to switch off again as the light level increases to 75 Lux. The unit has a built in hysteresis of 45 seconds to prevent toggling when the light level is at the critical switching level.  This time delay also prevents the unit switching due to short duration light level variations, such as passing car headlights etc.

The unit is ideal for switching Illuminators such as the Peca Type 4100 Series Infra Red Lamps, or other devices such as 12V CCD cameras that may require “Dawn to Dusk” or “Dusk to Dawn” operation.

Operating Voltage:          10V to 15V D.C.

Max. Contact Rating:      2 Amps at 15V D.C.

Contact Arrangement:      Single Pole Changeover (S.P.C.O.)

Switching Level:              ON at 20 Lux
                                     OFF at 75 Lux

Hysteresis:                    45 Seconds

Connections:                 Screw Terminals

Dimensions:                  85mm x 56mm x 54mm including sensor

Mechanical:                   Unit IP66 potted.