* Surge Protection up to 20 kA

        * Solid State Protection

        * Low Insertion Loss

        * Wide Video Bandwidth

        * Easy Installation

        * Protects cables with Earthed or Floating Screens

        * Earth Stud for direct connection to Bus Bar or Earth Tail

The Peca Electronics Type 6011 Video Surge Protector will protect equipment from high energy surges and spikes induced in Video cables.  Protection is provided between inner and earth and screen and earth.  The unit is provided with BNC connections for the Video Input (Dirty) and Video output (Clean) sides.  The unit has very low Insertion Loss of 0.3dB and a flat frequency response beyond 15MHz.  The primary element will divert surges of up to 20 kA to earth, whilst the secondary protection clamps the inner and screen to +/-8V relative to earth.  The unit must be mounted inside a housing or indoors.
    Input:                        Video via BNC connectors at 75 ohms

    Insertion Loss:          <0.3dB

    Bandwidth:                >15MHz +/-0.5dB

    Max. Surge:              Up to 20 kA with primary protection element

    Clamping Voltage:    Inner and Screen held at +/-8V relative to earth during surge

    Dimensions:            112L x 35W x 30H (mm.) including BNC's but excluding
                                    Earth Stud.  Stud is 11mm. long with an M5 thread.

    Environmental:        -10 to +40 deg. C.