* Improves picture detail

        * Improves visibility of dark areas of picture by adjustable Gamma Correction

        * Allows control of Black level and Gain

        * Will operate with CCIR or EIA signals either direct or from VCR sources.

        * Uses Noise Reduction techniques  for optimum video enhancement
          with minimum increase in visible noise

        * Mains or 12V dc supplies.

The Type 6040 Video Processor/Enhancement Amplifier has been designed to enable sophisticated video processing techniques to be applied to standard monochrome TV signals to greatly improve the perceived picture quality.

Parameters that may be adjusted are Black Level, Video Gain, Detail Correction, and Gamma Law.

Phase corrected detail correction is provided, ensuring symmetrical contouring of edges, without ringing.  Adjustable Noise Coring and Onset controls are provided to enable optimum Detail Enhancement with minimum increase in visible noise to be achieved.

Adjustable Gamma Correction is provided enabling the dark areas of the picture to be stretched and the light areas compressed.  Maximum stretch near black is 3 times. Frequency response near black is limited to reduce noise visibility.

Typical applications are to improve the quality of CCTV cameras which do not contain comprehensive signal processing themselves, or to improve particular aspects of a picture in particular low light pictures or those containing very high contrast scenes i.e. part sun part shade.

In addition poor quality VCR pictures can often be improved by the use of the amplifier.

        Video Input:                1V composite into 75 ohms via BNC socket

        Video Output:             1V composite at 75 ohms via BNC socket

        Frequency Response:  Flat to 8MHz+/-1dB at unity Gamma and zero Detail Enhancement

        Signal/Noise Ratio:     >60dB unweighted 40Hz to 5MHz with unity Gamma
                                            and zero Detail Enhancement.

        Horizontal Aperture
        Correction:                Phase Corrected with a peak frequency of 8MHz. Level Dependence
                                        and Noise Coring allow optimum enhancement with minimum noise
                                        visibility to be achieved

        Gamma Law:            Continuously variable from unity to 0.4 with a maximum gain near black
                                        limited to 3.  Frequency response near black limited to reduce noise
                                        visibility at maximum gamma


            Detail Gain:          Sets amount of enhancement.  Range +12dB

            Onset Level:         Sets point in grey scale above which detail correction is applied

            Noise Coring:        Sets the degree of noise coring applied to the detail correction signal

            Gamma Law:        Sets the Gamma Law between unity and 0.4 (with max. gain near
                                                black of 3)

            Black level:           Sets the black level of the signal.  Range -3dB to +3dB

            Gain:                    Sets the overall gain of the video amplifier.  Range -3dB to +3dB

            In/Out Switch:        Allows Video Input to be routed directly to Output without processing.

        Supply:                    230V ac via IEC fused connector or 12V dc via 4 pin AXR connector

        Mechanical:            Unit housed in a robust portable metal case 64mm x 224mm x 176.5mm