* Vertical and Horizontal Edge Enhancement

    * R/G/B, PAL or Y/C outputs (YUV as option)

    * Accepts PAL or Y/C inputs

    * Gamma and Colour Balance controls

    * Full 5MHz Bandwidth

The Peca Electronics Colour Enhancer Type 6060 has been designed to a high technical specification.  Full bandwidth one line delays have been used for the Vertical detail correction circuits to ensure there is no loss of resolution up to 5.5MHz, thus allowing Y/C signals to be processed with no loss of inherent resolution.

The Enhancer enables the user to control the following parameters of a colour signal:'

                    a) Master Gain
                    b) Master Lift
                    c) Saturation
                    d) Colour Balance of RGB Black Level and RGB Gain
                    e) Gamma Law of luminance signal
                    f) Vertical and Horizontal Detail Correction
                    g) Onset point of Detail Correction
                    h) Noise Coring of Detail Correction
                    i) Mix between Horizontal and Vertical Detail Correction.

The unit will accept PAL coded or Y/C inputs and provide PAL, Y/C or R/G/B outputs, or Y/U/V as an option.  A separate feed of synchronizing pulses is provided for use with the R/G/B outputs.

In addition a bypass facility is provided so that the operator can return to the original unprocessed video without affecting the settings.

The unit is packaged in a 2U rack mounting frame.  All video connections are via BNC connections or 4 pin miniature DIN for the Y/C inputs/outputs.  Power requirements are normal 200-240V ac mains.  A socket is also provided to allow the connection of an optional dc input adapter.

The unit can be used to improve picture quality from live colour or monochrome cameras or video recorders, where increased gamma to make dark areas of a picture more visible, to recolour balance pictures recorded with a colour cast or to increase perceived resolution, will make the pictures more acceptable or useful. On noisy pictures the ONSET control on the detail correction circuits will enable the application of edge enhancement to only be applied to higher luminance areas of the picture where increased noise will not be objectionable.

        Video Inputs:            a) 1V PAL coded composite video at 75 ohms
                                       b) Separate Y/C video - 1V composite Luminance
                                                                          +/-300mV Chrominance
                                            Both at 75 ohms

        Video Outputs:        a) 1V PAL coded composite video at 75 ohms
                                      b) Separate Y/C video:  1V composite Luminance
                                                                         +/-300mV Chrominance
                                            Both at 75 ohms
                                      c) Red, Green and Blue separation signals:  700mV at 75 ohms

        Pulses:-                  2V negative going mixed synchronizing pulses at 75 ohms

        Response:              5.5MHz +/-0.5dB  (Luminance)

        Controls:                a) Master Gain
                                     b) Master Lift +/-25%
                                     c) Saturation
                                     d) Colour Gains +/-6dB
                                     e) Colour Lifts +/-10%
                                     f) Gamma - max. black stretch of 3 times
                                     g) Detail Gain - +12dB of enhancement
                                     h) Detail Mix - mix between Vertical and Horizontal
                                         edge enhancement
                                     i) Onset - Setting of point in grey scale above which
                                        is applied
                                     j) Noise Core - allows noise introduced by detail
                                                           correction to be minimized in large
                                                           plain areas of picture

        Power:                  220V - 240V +6%, -10%, 50Hz AC via IEC connector