Type 6071 Digital Comb Filter

Type 6071RM Rack Mounted Digital Comb Filter


          *  PAL/NTSC operation

          *  2 inputs

          *  Decodes to Y/C

          *  No Cross Colour

          *  No Cross Luminance

          *  Small convenient unit

The Peca Electronics Digital Comb Filter Type 6071, has been designed to enable full advantage of Separate Luminance/Chrominance signal recording and display to be enjoyed from conventional PAL/NTSC coded input signals..

Conventional Decoders notch the Luminance frequency response to limit fine detail being decoded as colour information, giving rise to the multi coloured beat patterns we are all too familiar with.  Highly saturated colours at luminance edges are decoded as a "Dot Pattern".  Both these effects limit the quality of the display picture

The Type 6071 Digital Comb Filter is able to provide near perfect separate of the Luminance and Chrominance components of the coded colour signal and does not limit the frequency response of the luminance signal.
Applications include use with Y/C (S-VHS) recorders enabling ordinary coded input signals to provide high quality Y/C inputs to the recorder.

Also available rack mounted - 2 units across 1U rack.

            Input Signals:          PAL 625 line/50Hz CCIR or
                                         NTSC 525 line/60Hz EIA
                                         1V pk-pk composite, 75R term. BNC

           Input Selection:       Front panel switch A/B input.

          Output Signals:
                                         Luminance:-  1V pk-pk composite at 75 ohms
                                         Chrominance:- 300mV chrominance at 75 ohms

          Response:               Flat to 6MHz +/-.5dB

          Indicators:               Standard - PAL or NTSC
                                        Colour Lock

         Supply:                   220V/110V ac 50/60Hz at approximately 20VA