The "HERMES" is a compact high quality television camera capable of providing a very wide angle view of an indoor or outdoor scene, in a wide range of illumination conditions. Its approximate "brick" shape and dimensions allow it to be covertly built into walls and similar locations, thus making it admirably suited to discreet surveillance applications.

The high resolution solid-state sensor is mounted on a motorised X-Y shift mechanism to give the optical effect of pan and tilt without the camera body moving, and in conjunction with an ultra wide-angle lens with a large image field, this allows the user to examine in detail any selected part of a scene with an angle of view up to 120 degrees in both planes.

The standard unit is based on a high resolution monochrome sensor, but a colour version will be available shortly, in a slightly larger case.

The camera can operate over a wide range of scene illumination, controlled by a video AGC system and an automatic exposure control acting on the sensor's selectable exposure time facility. This adjusts the effective exposure from l/5Oth to 1/10000th of a second.


The unit is a rectangular shape, virtually identical in size to a standard house back, with the lens at one end and the connectors situated at the other. All the components including the lens are completely enclosed with a glass faceplate at the front and the unit is environmentally protected to IP55.

The Control Unit is housed in a desk-mounting case with a sloping panel carrying the controls,.all the connections being made at the rear.

Three sets of push buttons respectively control the lens focus and the pan and tilt functions: the latter may optionally be Controlled by a panel-mounted joystick. The rear panel carries a miniature multl-way connector to control the camera functions and supply it with power and a supply input connector. The unit operates as standard from 12V DC at approximately 120mA, but a mains adaptor can be suppiled if required.

An alternative mode of operation is to control  the camera with a remote control unit via a transmitter-receiver system.

    System:           Monochrome, 625 lines/50Hz CCIR
                           1V composite, negative going syncs at 75 ohms

    Sensor:            1/2" Format, 752 x 576 pixels
                           Interline Transfer

    Resolution:       564 TV Lines

    Angle of View:  110 degrees angle of view with standard
                           19mm f/3 8 lens
                             (Other lenses to order)

    Sensitivity:      2 Lux for usable pictures (VIdeo signal -6dB)

    Response:      50% 410-680nM,  l 0%  375 - 900nM

    Control:          Via CCD shuttering and video AGC

    Control:          Via remote Control Box Push button functions for X/Y
                        Movement and Focus. Connection via 6 way cable
                        and Hirose connectors.
    Size:             100mm x 100mm x 50mm

    Power:          12V DC at 120mA via Switchcraft connector and lead

    Size of
    camera:        70mm x 100mm x 215mm
                        (equivalent to size of standard house brick)

    Weight:         985 gms

    Environmental:  Temperature  -10 to +55 degrees Centigrade

        All components protected to IP55 behind a 65mm x 95mm glass faceplate