* Low Cost
* Portable 12V System
* Plug and Go” - No user controls
* Small Robust Unit
* 2 Code Sets as standard
* Scramble Ident Marker on Decoded Video

The Type 6530 Video Scrambler System from Peca Electronics provides a cost effective solution to secure Video Transmission.

Using the “cut and rotate” method, Video information is scrambled within each Television line according to a Code Set unique to each pair of units. Groups of units can be provided with the same code set if required.

The portable “Plug and Go” system is ideal for rapid deployment situations, where signals are at risk over open Microwave Transmission systems.

Encoder:                                                                        Decoder:

Input Signal: 1V composite PAL (or NTSC to order)          Input Signal: 1V composite Scrambled Video at
                    at 75 ohms  via BNC connector                                      75 ohms via BNC connector

Output Signal: 1V composite Scrambled Video                Output Signal: 1V composite PAL (or NTSC to order)
                      at 75 ohms via BNC                                                     at 75 ohms dependant on original signal

System: Cut and Rotate

Supply:  12V DC at 250mA (8V to 24V)                            Supply:  12V DC at 250mA (8V to 24V)

Dimensions: 30 x 108 x 180 mm.                                     Dimensions: 30 x 108 x 180 mm.

Weight:  420 gm.                                                            Weight:  420 gm.