Discover my best tips for instagram and twitter visibility?

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My best tips on Instagram For your visibility

Write your dream/ideal description in a notepad or any other application that allows you to write text, add emoticons and make line breaks (attention: limit of 150 characters with spaces) select and copy your entire ideal biography of less than 150 characters with spaces

3d effect on story texts although technically there is no 3d effect on story texts, you are able to simulate it so well that it looks as real as it is. First of all, click on the icon of our favorite drawing pencil. Write the word (or phrase) you want in one of the fonts. Choose a color and place the text where it should be placed.


A few basic tips on photography and photo editing should do the trick.


Sharpen your photography and photo editing skills on instagram, the quality of the posts is absolutely essential. On twitter, a bad tweet is quickly forgotten. On the other hand, writing an unattractive photo on instagram is out of the question. However, it is not necessary to hire a professional photographer, nor to practice during the months before you start.

My best tips on Instagram For your Twitter account

Adding emojis from your computer – emojis can save a lot of space when you’re limited to 140 characters. However, if using them from a mobile device is a breeze, accessing them from a computer can be more difficult than it sounds. Luckily, if you’re working on a Mac computer, a keyboard shortcut will make it easy to access these small images.

Use the #hashtag if you’re looking at the tweets I put above, you’ll see #brandcontent #inboundmarketing and all. These are hashtags. Hashtags do a good job of underlining the subject of your tweet and allow you to position it in discussions on the same topic.

I’ll take a practical case: you like this article, you think you’re going to tweet it.

You increase your visibility and your chances of being retweeted.

Tweets with a hashtag or more are 55% more likely to be retweeted than those who don’t have one tweets with quotes are 30% more likely to be retweeted than those who don’t, think about it tweets with exclamation marks get more retweets per follower than those who don’t have one.

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