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Kali linux is a gnu/linux distribution released on March 13th 2012, based on debian. The distribution took over from backtrack. The objective of kali linux is to provide a distribution gathering all the tools necessary for the security tests of an information system, in particular the intrusion test3. Since the 2016 version. 2, kali linux is available pre-installed with many desktop environments4.

We find: gnome, kde, lxde, mate, enlightenment and xfce, preferred when downloading. Like ubuntu, it is on the debian ( apt-get ) layout. It is loaded at maximum with more than 300 tools for the hacker in you. This distribution can be used to steal, destroy and corrupt electronic documents from a target computer.

However, as far as this introduction to kali is concerned, these tools must be used from an ethical perspective. We are therefore talking about ethical hacking. We will want to test and discover existing flaws in order to plug them and increase the security of our systems.

Kali linux is available concretized by live dvd. It is also possible to install it on a hard disk, on a usb asset, to establish a pxe boot capacity, or to virtualize it over its operating system through virtual disk images proposed for download.

It is also possible to build your dvd with debian live-build scripts. This distribution is used by information systems security auditors for automated first level auditing, allowing the intrinsic security of an environment to be assessed.

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